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Video analytics is an essential component of any modern, AI-driven security system. This advanced technology allows you to analyze and interpret video footage in real-time, giving you valuable insights into what’s happening on your premises.

With video analytics, you can:

  • Monitor your premises for potential security threats and respond quickly if necessary
  • Identify patterns and anomalies in behavior to detect potential security breaches
  • Track the movement of individuals and objects on your premises
  • Analyze customer behavior to improve customer service and optimize business operations
  • Easily search and review video footage to find specific events or incidents

Our video analytics system is designed to be easy to use and highly effective, providing you with valuable insights and helping you keep your premises safe and secure. So why wait? Upgrade to an AI-driven security system with video analytics today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your premises are protected.

Use cases for every industry

Seamlessly connect your smart devices and allow the Leapfrog IoT Machine Learning and AI Engine help you save time, build efficiencies, and establish a safer facility.
Health Care
Oil & Gas

Smarter Video Analytics

Weapons Detection
Progressively plagiarize resource-leveling e-commerce through resource-leveling core competencies.
Human Fall Detection
Energistically myocardinate clicks-and-mortar testing procedures manufactured products.
Facial Recognition
Dramatically fabricate an expanded array of niche markets through robust product services.
Retail Analytics
Interactively coordinate proactive e-commerce via process-centric "outside the box" thinking.
PPE Detection
Seamlessly empower fully researched growth strategies and interoperable internal or "organic" sources.
Fire & Smoke Detection
Dynamically innovate resource-leveling customer service for state of the art customer service.

A Leap Forward in
Security Automation

Real-time Alerts
Instantly alert staff, medical, 911, and more via SMS, Whatsapp, and most API driven cmmunications.
Automated Access
Let your system grant or deny access for employees, patients, or the general public leveraging your IoT devices.
Open Data Protocol Support
We support AMQP, MQTT, JSON, REST, BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, OPC Classic, and OPC UA for IoT connectivity across different platforms
Customizable Platform
Our platform is a reliable framework with virtually unlimited customization capability where ‘n’ number of innovative IoT solutions can be developed with ease.

Designed to Scale:
On Premise or Cloud Support

Leapfrog IoT Platform is scalable by design and can be elastically expanded by simply adding more servers to the cluster to reliably support as many endpoints as you need.

Leapfrog IoT can be run in your data center or public cloud provider.

Platform and services provide end-to-end detailed visibility, control of devices, assets, processes and people regardless of time or location.Real-time dashboards to analyze data and make rapid decisions

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Public Facilities
Transportation Hubs


Weapon Detection
Human Fall Detection
Social Distance Monitoring
Facial Recognition
Retail Analytics
PPE Monitoring
Fire & Smoke Detection

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