Complete Solution for Safer Spaces

Using advanced AI and Video Analytics, Leapfrog IoT offers a variety of solutions to aide in the safety and security for facilities that provide a better, safer space.

Actively monitor and alert when it counts with the smarter AI solution from Leapfrog IoT. Get the most our of your internet-capable camera system by enabling the complete Leapfrog IoT Security Suite.

Integrated Tools,
One Solution

Alerts and actions for firearms and weapons both partially concealed and exposed.
Identify for access control, and alert to individuals not permitted on the premesis.
Immediate and predictive response from real-time detection of slips, trips, and falls.
Early detection and localization of smoke and fire with instant alerts.
Perimeter Detection
Can detect and alert for unwanted breeches of perimeters, in or out.
Crowd Control
Alerts for unexpected or large crowds, along with crowd density monitoring and alerts.
Suspicious or Abandoned Objects
Alerts on abandoned objects, many of which can be identified with Leapfrog IoT AI.
All of these tools are designed to work seamlessly with your internet capable system, providing you with a comprehensive security solution that is both effective and easy to use. Whether you need to secure a single location or multiple sites, our security suite has you covered.

Alerts & Automated Actions

  • SMS / Text / Email Alerts
  • PA Announcements and alarms
  • Immediate notification to security / Law Enforcement / Admin
  • Lockdown via access control systems
  • Video capture of initial trigger and all succeeding events
  • Visual and/or audio notifications, alerting all within the vicinity

Designed to Create Safer Spaces

  • Integrates with your new and existing infrastructure
  • Provides added peace of mind to all concerned
  • Provides an additional level of vigilance
  • Helps prevent or mitigate potentially violent or dangerous incidents
  • Perfect for Educational Institutions, Public Buildings, Workplace, Retail, Events
Single female security person monitoring closed circuit surveillance from multiple cameras in various rooms of a building informs on the radio to check the person who moves inside the room.

Artifical Intelligence:
The Future of Security

Leapfrog offers a range of advanced features and benefits that traditional security systems simply can’t match. These systems are able to analyze and respond to threats in real-time, making them highly effective at detecting and preventing security breaches. They also offer improved accuracy and faster response times, as well as the ability to analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and anomalies that may indicate a potential threat.

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AI-powered security systems can reduce false alarms by up to 90%

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AI-based security systems are able to detect and analyze threats up to 50% faster than human operators

Intelligent Video Analytics
Real-time results
Instant Alerts
Staff, Medical, 911, and more
Prevantative Learning
Analyze and detect activities
Works with your Existing Systems
No hardware required for internet capable devices.

Is your business
ready for AI?

Public Facilities
Transportation Hubs


Weapon Detection
Human Fall Detection
Social Distance Monitoring
Facial Recognition
Retail Analytics
PPE Monitoring
Fire & Smoke Detection

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