Security Response

Smarter Solutions in
Safety & Security

Using advanced AI and Video Analytics, Leapfrog IoT offers a variety of solutions to aid in the safety and security for facilities large and small.
Instant Alerts
Notify staff, medical personnel, security, or even call 911 in the case of an emergency.
Long Term Data Storage
Secure video footage and analytics storage with access authentification
Predictive Learning
Recognizing actions and circumstances as patterns, and constantly improving readiness.
Works with your Existing Systems
No hardware required for internet capable systems.

Leapfrog IoT solutions greatly improve the quality of accident prevention, active grade of security, and time spent investigating incidents.

Integrated Tools,
One Solution

Alerts and actions for firearms and weapons both partially concealed and exposed.
Identify for access control, and alert to individuals not permitted on the premesis.
Immediate and predictive response from real-time detection of slips, trips, and falls.
Early detection and localization of smoke and fire with instant alerts.
Perimeter Detection
Can detect and alert for unwanted breeches of perimeters, in or out.
Crowd Control
Alerts for unexpected or large crowds, along with crowd density monitoring and alerts.
Suspicious or Abandoned Objects
Alerts on abandoned objects, many of which can be identified with Leapfrog IoT AI.

Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning

Leapfrog IoT is built on top of a strong AI/ML foundation allowing rapid development and deployment of AI/ML. Access platform capabilities using programming languages such as Python or R along with any data source integrated with the platform.

Solutions for Every industry

Our solutions are designed to create immediate alerts to keep people safe. By leveraging new or current camera infrastructures our Leapfrog IoT AI (artificial intelligence) and video analytics can be used to create immediate response, locate emergency incidents, identify subjects, and send appropriate response. Collect key datapoints to determine likelyhood and patterns of activities.
Health Care
Oil & Gas

Intelligent Video Analytics
Real-time results
Instant Alerts
Staff, Medical, 911, and more
Prevantative Learning
Analyze and detect activities
Works with your Existing Systems
No hardware required for internet capable devices.

Is your business
ready for AI?

Public Facilities
Transportation Hubs


Weapon Detection
Human Fall Detection
Social Distance Monitoring
Facial Recognition
Retail Analytics
PPE Monitoring
Fire & Smoke Detection

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