Fire & Smoke Detection
Early Detection
Saves Lives

In the United States, fire departments respond to a fire every 23 seconds, which equates to over a million incidents, resulting in thousands of deaths, injuries, and property losses, averaging $20B annually. Leapfrog IoT’s AI Smoke and Fire Detection solution aids in the early detection of smoke and fire and can be configured to send immediate alerts to persons on-premise, as well as to emergency responders to help reduce catastrophic outcomes.

Detect smoke and fire at an early stage and instantly trigger any alert or action. The Leapfrog IoT Data Science Team developed & trained the smoke & fire detection AI model to cover maximum scenarios for commercial facilities and residential homes. Alerts can be configured to deliver warnings to various messaging apps, integrated into on prem alert systems and first responders.

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Instant Response, Automated Action

Advanced Detection Capabilities
Reliably detect the presence of smoke and fire, while the Leapfrog learning algorithm helps prevent future incidents.
Instant Alerts
Instantly alert on-site personnel and emergency services via sms, push message, and online capable alarm systems.
Configurable Automation
Grant or deny access during an emergency, turn on your emergency lighting, or configure your alerts to trigger other events in your infrastructure.

Designed to create safer spaces.

The Leapfrog IoT smoke and fire detection tool is an essential part of our comprehensive security suite, designed to keep your facility safe and protected at all times. With advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and sophisticated use of video and available accessories, accurately detect the presence of smoke and fire and instantly alert emergency services to ensure a timely response.

Over $20B lost annually to fire incidents in the US
The average response time for a fire department in the United States is about 5 minutes.

Minimize False Alarms, Maximize Efficiency

Traditional smoke and fire detection systems can be prone to false alarms, often caused by cooking fumes or other non-threatening sources. Our AI-powered tool is able to differentiate between genuine threats and non-threatening situations, reducing the number of false alarms and increasing the reliability of the system.

Detection Accuracy
Accurately detect smoke and fire and prevent dangerous incidents
False Alarm Rate
False alarm rate of less than 1%, one of the most reliable systems for smoke and fire detection
Response Time
Instantly alert emergency services and on-site teams
Designed to be fully compatible with your internet-capable security system

Use cases for every industry

Seamlessly connect your smart devices and allow the Leapfrog IoT Machine Learning and AI Engine help you save time, build efficiencies, and establish a safer facility.
Health Care
Oil & Gas

Intelligent Video Analytics
Real-time results
Instant Alerts
Staff, Medical, 911, and more
Prevantative Learning
Analyze and detect activities
Works with your Existing Systems
No hardware required for internet capable devices.

Is your business
ready for AI?

Public Facilities
Transportation Hubs


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Fire & Smoke Detection

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