Fall Detection:
Real Time Detection,
Instant Alerts

Falls among the senior population accur often and are a major health risk. They are among the top concerns for Hospitals, Independent, Assisted, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing facilities as well as Home Care providers. Response time to an incident is the most critical component to creating positive outcomes.

Safer Patient Environments

Our Fall Detection Solution is designed to create immediate alerts to incidents of falls, trips or slips. By leveraging new or current camera infrastructures our Leapfrog IoT AI (artificial intelligence) and video analytics can be used to create immediate response, location of the incident, and identification of the subject.

Improve Patient Management and Medical Outcomes

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Falls needing medical attention annually
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of men and women over 65 have one or more falls per year

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Full circle visualization for the Healthcare industry

Seamlessly connect your smart devices and allow the Leapfrog IoT Machine Learning and AI Engine help you save time, build efficiencies, and establish a safer facility.

Intelligent Video Analytics
Real-time results
Instant Alerts
Staff, Medical, 911, and more
Prevantative Learning
Analyze and detect activities
Works with your Existing Systems
No hardware required for internet capable devices.

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ready for AI?

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